HyperLoop in Minecraft

Hyperloop (MC Edition)

Fast long distance travel.

I had this idea a while ago, what if Hyperloop was brought into the minecraft world?

The basic concept is that a pod travels at high speed through a vacuum tube.

You can build a loop system with the tubes, place down stations and add the pods.
At the moment it’s very WIP and doesn’t have many features, but I’m working on that.

###Why not just use teleportation?
Because it’s not very fun to just jump from A to B, riding the hyperloop is a more (kinda) realistic and enjoyable way to travel. Being a mode of transport, you could even add this to you server’s economy and charge for rides etc.

Here is a simple demo for 2 stations over a short distance.

Of course, it can go fast

It can also tilt

One problem I have is trying to make a realistic bend, at the moment it’s just right angles. Note that you can’t rotate blocks at angles unfortunately.


armor stands

Nope, doesn’t work with fallingsand.
phroa suggested in IRC to use minecarts with blocks, which I will try.