I am starting a YouTube lets play Minecraft series

Hello everyone! I am going to be starting a YouTube series of lets play videos for Minecraft. Its not going be extremely high tech or anything just something to do to get out there in the Minecraft-YouTube community. I am looking for things I can do during the series to keep it interesting for both me and any possible watchers. If you have any suggestions please comment, I would love to hear them. I am also open to doing mod pack lets play series and any tutorials.

I don’t know if this forum is a good place for you to be talking about your LP series considering most people here are server admins or plugin developers. Just saying.


The description for General Discussion says that it is for any Minecraft related topic.

I’m aware of that. I’m just saying that this forum in general and not just this subforum, revolves more around servers and plugins. This isn’t the best place to be talking about an LP is all I’m saying.

My main purpose for this post was for some ideas of things to do for a lets play. I did not mean to be promoting, I will edit my post. I have also done some mod development.


No problem. I have no intent of upsetting anyone.

Why do people constantly do this…


I’m watching hermitcraft as I type this and I have no reason to watch your LP instead. Come up with a cool and original idea.


I am just trying to get started into the Minecraft-YouTube community and a simple lets play seemed like a good way to do that. I don’t expect my LP to become any sort of big deal, its just something for me to do. I will eventually do something more original and I will definitely do original things within my lets play.

Sorry, I thought you were trying to get big on youtube.

Still for the reference of others reading this:
The best way to get started on youtube is originality

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I’ve got a couple ideas of things to do later but I haven’t developed those ideas into any sort of YouTube series plan yet so I’m just going to do the lets play for now. And again, I am not trying to become any sort of well known YouTuber, I just think it will be fun to do and hopefully some others will enjoy it too.

To keep people from getting upset about it, I moved this topic to “Off-Topic”. I see no reason why he can’t have his post there. If this sort of topic becomes popular in the future, we could always make a category.

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I was thinking of that myself, thanks.

  • Play in hardcore mode
  • Try to get all music discs

Ignore the assholes OP. Make your channel. Just don’t act like PewDiePie.

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Also set goals for what you want to accomplish in each video, so you’ll have the series roughly planned out.

Yea my fiancé came up with the idea of themed seasons, some new focus or big goal every season. This would be a good way to keep things interesting and change it up every once in a while.

@DotDash That’s a good idea: setting a goal for each video, thanks. =)

@boformer Ill work on getting all the discs too.

  1. What’s your YouTube channel?
  2. What kind of videos will you do?
  3. What’s your in game name?
  4. Do you need a server (I own a VPS)
  5. If you need a server how much can you pay a month?

If he’s doing a podcast, odds are he’s running his own server. That’s what I do for my podcast, or when me and my friends want to sit down and play some MC. Nobody likes paying for anything…

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@McGill25 you can also always use http://aternos.org

Although you’ll need to find good times when its not being used a whole lot.