I broke sponge forums

well I broke sponge forums…

What did you do?

It should be
Sponge Forums


This is actually by design of the discourse forums. Appending “.json” to the end of a URL forces the “Mime-Type” to be “application/json”; this is done automatically by rails when configured. This is how Discourse is able to pull data from the server-side in your browser without refreshing the page; it makes a request to that JSON file and is able to parse the data better than raw HTML.


Yeah, It’s awesome.

Great work viciously forcing your way into a public API?


The site is built on rails? Ooh. Gotta try rails now.

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RoR is pretty neat, I first learned ruby making custom metasploit modules (don’t judge) and I thought I would try out rails. From what I have done with it, it is quite a powerful platform. Also, if you are interested in this type of webdev, try Django, its is a python based web platform which I also found to be pretty neat as python is one of my favorite languages.

I prefer meteor, mainly because of its realtime functionality

The two, Meteor and Django, cannot be compared. Meteor is something that is completely different and I would not recommend its usage for most web applications.

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I’m not very familiar with django, Isn’t it a web framework?
And why wouldn’t you recommend it, It’s very stable now.

Django is a python based web framework backend. I am not familiar with meteor though and thus am not fit to explain why they are different.

This discussion derailed quickly…

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Well, at least it does not display passwords, I atcually had to do CTRL+F to check and see for myself.

It wouldn’t… It’s a public API. They don’t display any passwords if designed by sane people.