I cannot get PvP to work and I don't know why

Hey everyone, I am going crazy with this problem. I am using Spongeforge with these plugins: Plugins (22): Minecraft, Minecraft Coder Pack, SpongeAPI, Sponge, Block Monitor, CoinPurse, DupeFixer, LuckPerms, MaintenanceSponge, NanoChat, Nucleus, PacketGate, PlaceholderAPI, ProjectCore, RentableRegions, ServerListPlus, SimplyPortals, Slash Discord, Spotlin, TabList, Total Economy, Universe Guard 2 And something is overriding pvp. The interesting thing is, with Universe Guard 2, if I edit a region that has pvp enabled and then save it again, the problem is temporarily fixed until I re-log. I have pvp set to true in both server properties config and sponge world config.

Is there something or some way I can figure out what is causing this issue? I have tried removing Universe Guard 2 but that did not fix it.

I have also removed practically every plugin except for plugins that deal with the look of the server (such as Tablist), Luckperms, Nucleus, and the Economy. Everything else has been removed and I am still having this issue. I’m at my wits end.

The server properties file has pvp = true and same with sponge world config.

Based on the plugins you have. My first guess would be a permissions issue.

Take a look at the luckperms command “verbose” this tells you what permissions are being used at any time. After that attempt to do pvp and see what permissions come up.

Also PlaceholderAPI hasnt been updated to since API 5.1. so just check that your plugins are running correctly with no crashes and are up to date. Not sure if PlaceholderAPI is forward compatible with API 7.2.

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