I cant add new release of my plugin to ORE

I already released my plugin GallupPoll at Ore before, i logged in succesfully but i dont see any upload button… How can i add more releases or change the old ones?

You’ll want to go to the ‘Versions’ tab of your project on Ore, and click New Version.

unfortunately there is no New Version to click… :neutral_face:

That’s very odd - I think that your permissions must be messed up someone (the button is showing up for me on my project). I’ll have @windy look into it.

This is an artifact of an ever changing database in a development environment. Before, people didn’t need to accept invites to projects they would just be added outright. When I added invites everyone who currently belonged to a project (owners included) had their “accepted” status default to false. You can re-add yourself by going to your profile pic → notifications → invites.

If you create a new project in the future you will automatically accept the invite but because of how the database is structured we got this “quirky” little artifact for existing projects. :wink:

Sorry for the confusion.

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Here is a suggestion that may help with the confusion: Place a little notification counter/symbol visible all the time (similar to the forums) so that you can see when you have a project invite/notification.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: