I challenge you

“i challenge you, developers, to create something out of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainfuck programming language”
is what i’d like to say but seriously screw this language, so as an alternative
i challenge you to think of as many things as you can as to what this language could be used for.
not really a challenge, but i really wanted the post title to be “i challenge you.”

or go for the original challenge and make something out of it if you wanna waltz through hell or something

About a year ago I made a generator which took some very simple syntax and outputed Brainfuck that could do addition and output strings. It used an intermediate Memory class (in python) that would store variables and ouput them into the final brainfuck stream as a memory stack. It didn’t work properly and the code is a complete mess, but the idea was there :slight_smile:

AKAIK Brainfuck is turing complete. So pretty much anything can be made. Not saying it’s a good language to make things in, but in theory…

Wait… Who made this. Obviously a troll. He was like ‘Let’s just fuck with coders!’.

“testing” their skills

If you find Brainfuck to be too hard to read, you can use Ook! instead. It’s actually identical, except, well: http://esolangs.org/wiki/ook!

Errh, the exclamation mark is supposed to be a part of the link. Ah well, I shortened it http://goo.gl/ORYI0l