I do sincerly believe this fine website needs more sponges

This site is about sponges. However, none of the backgrounds is about sponges or anything sponge related. Thus, this means there needs to be more yellow, since yellow sponges are the true god above all other sponges. All other sponges cower under the titan; the Yellow Sponge. For centuries, the yellow sponge has ruled the sponge world with an iron grip, and it hasn’t lost its power as of yet. From the beginning of the universe, the Yellow Sponge has always been the leader of all sponges. All other sponges couldn’t help but to follow the Yellow Sponge. There is even a religion about the tales of our lord; O’ Great Yellow Sponge. The Yellow Sponge even made a truly fierce army for his Yellow-Spongey-ness.
All that aside, I truly believe Bob Ross needs to be included as well. Because I said so. I’m really good at arguing so you should totally believe me. Also, the name sponge sucks, this entire project needs to be renamed to mop.

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Yellow is such an ugly colour, though. I think the amount of yellow we have currently is just right. Overwhelming new users with one, very strong colour doesn’t do any good.


“This person should obviously be kicked off the developement team for spelling color wrong, since this is america.” -Hamburger Mc Freedom Pants.

I knew this topic was coming sooner or later…

We do need more sponges…

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I take offence to this comment, since my favorite color is yellow.

I take defense to this reply, since my favorite color is chartreuse.

Everything good about this whole project aside, I’m surprised the people who chose the name missed the negative aspects of the word sponge, ie: leech, parasite, freeloader.

Still love what’s happening here but Sponge isn’t exactly a positive word.

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All hail the flying Sponghetti Monster.

LlmDI made a precisely precise point of the word sponge. That being said, I precisely think the precise name for this precisely well made project should precisely called mop.