I got banned from IRC chat?

I was chatting with other devs on the #spongedev channel, when it said I was disconnected, and when I tried to rejoin, it showed me this:

Banned from IRC Screenshot

What? I got banned? Why? Could someone please explain this to me, and at least give me a reason as to WHY I was banned?

It might be the client. For instance, #minecrafthelp bans Mibbit. Try getting a regular desktop client like HexChat. I didn’t see anything ban-worthy, so it’s probably a technicality like that.

ok thanks! I’ll try that!

Actually, it seems to be an espernet-level ban on Kiwi IRC according to @mcmonkey.

Yeah KiwiIRC’s public client appears to be banned from all of EsperNet. Definitely use Esper webchat or a proper client.

I don’t think it’s KiwiIRC. I tried both their website and Sponge Chat and both worked.

Appears it was a temporary ban and it’s been lifted.

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