I have to zoom in extremely close to post anything even this!

I have to zoom in to 400% in my browser to post anything, otherwise the button isn’t there, it’s cut off anyone else having this issue?

No check screen display resolution

Are you able to post a screenshot? Maybe that could help us decipher your issue a little easier, so we can see what you see.

here is a screenshot there and here.

ok looks like it’s a https issue, hopefully it will be resolved once they actually idk put up the ssl cert they have.

as I can now post without zooming with http but not with https

Works fine for me on https.

weird, i ould say it’s my res but my school pc shows te same problem

Try to force http on your host by typing the full address - http://forums.spongepowered.org because when you are using https all the assets like css files or java script files also need to be linked by https to the host which isn’t the case here and your browser is locking them because it thinks that these files are dangerous when not encrypted by secure connection.

Concluding, try going to http manually.

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Yeah, do as @matiyarosz said. I haven’t had any issues… I don’t even seem to have the problem that you have with https://. I’m using Google Chrome, Windows 8.1, and my resolution is 1080p.

weird, i ould say it’s my res but my school pc shows te same problem

His “School PC” could be using the same browser.

So could mine. It’s very unlikely that it’s a browser problem.

I have too agree on you. Still its weird.