I installed SpongeForge on my Forge server and would now like to remove SpongeForge, but my world wont work without SpongeForge

I tried installing SpongeForge to use some plugins, it didn’t end up working and now I want to remove SpongeForge but whenever I try to, the server doesn’t work because the world was saved with Sponge. This is on a Forge (latest version) RLCraft 2.9.1c server. Any help on converting the world from a sponge world to a normal world would be amazing!

Normally, Forge will detect that a mod is missing from a world on start-up, and give you a message asking if you want to do a backup first. It normally waits for confirmation before proceeding. If that isn’t occurring, please share a log file (preferably as a link to a paste site like github gist) and we can take a look and see what’s going wrong.