I need a towny plugin for 1.12.2 is there any?

As you read in the tittle i nneed a towny plugin for 1.12.2 becouse i am having some issues with polis

Creating a new plugin the size of Towny is a massive amount of work. Have you considered getting support for these issues you’ve been having, including contacting Hassan?

I mean if there is any towny plugin for 1.12.2 becouse there is no plugins for t 1.12.2

Im personally thinking about creating a alternative for towny for sponge

It sound nice i would like to help you in the development part but i dont have experience in java i know c and c++`
at son as i finish the career i would be able to start with my own plugin

Ill put it on github and you can pull request all you want :wink:

Nations is like Towny, however both developers have stopped actively working on it.

I am now with nations but it doesnnt let me to set the spawn of the nation it gives me a null error

Did you report it? You could also ask someone else to take up development of it, it’d be WAY easier than making a new plugin from scratch.

But the plugin isnt be developed anymore

I have started work on my town based plugin