I need advise about server lag (Pixelmon) and server hardware

Server Info
Now i’m opening Pixelmon Server connect with bungee split in three
Player is average 80/20/40 from 3 server
max pokemon 700/100/500
NPC around town 10/2/50
Hardware Info
E5-2470 2.30GHz x 2
Ram 128GB split to 32/16/32
Tps at player peak 5/12/15
highest tps 13/17/13

  • How can i improve tps without do less spawn pokemon
  • Do i need to give more ram on server ?
  • Or i need to get more Ghz or something ?
    Any advice pls give me thank

Well. Before you go upgrading your hardware, you may want to do a timings report and see if there is anything that can be improved such as one example, they were having a tps issue, turns out they fixed it by deleting data of players who hadnt joined in 3 years.

If you are dead set on upgrading hardware. You need to find out what is causing the tps. If you dont know, RAM stores the data to be processed, while the processor processes the data, there is a 3rd factor and that is storage. Some plugins actually save and read directly to your storage drive instead of loading it into ram and then modifying it there.

Anyway, to find out if ram is the issue, first you need to find out how much ram is on your server (as in hardware server) and then figure how much ram is being used by the server (minecraft server). If its 90% or more then upgrading the ram should give you some hope.

The processor (GHz as you put it) is a harder thing to detect if its the bottleneck. You may have heard that “minecraft is single core” while this isnt true, most of minecraft runs on the main core. As all modern processors you would find in a server are multi-core, you will need to find the CPU usage on a per core level. If the core that the minecraft server is running at 90% or more then a better CPU would give more hope to it.

However you are hosting the server from a service provider (aka not on your own network) then upgrading the server will probably be a no go. Normally hosting companies host more then one games server of the same processor, as most other games typically benefit from more cores, they will normally choose processors that have fast cores and a lot of them (such as a Xeon processor), instead of what Minecraft benefit from which is very fast cores and 2 of them (the others wont get used that much by Minecraft) (such as something like a Intel I7).

If you own the server and its on your network, then you can upgrade it, however GHz isn’t everything. You take a AMD FX 4100 that has 4.1 GHz and put it up against an AMD Ryzen 3 running at 3.7, the Ryzen runs circles around it thanks to efficienties. Anyway thats a large topic that may not effect you so I wont talk about it unless needed.

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also depends on what version of pixelmon you’re running. Reforged or Generations. While Generations may have more “flashy” stuff in it, Reforged is more optimized and always ahead of Generations when it comes to optimization as Generations typically waits until Reforged has optimized something than snipes the code. :woman_shrugging: that aside If you are choosing to use Generations you need to be aware of some of the “laggy” features that it offers and possibly have some sort money to put into development to restrict players from having to many plushies within chunks, along with some of the other blocks they added that have piss poor optimization.

If you’re using Reforged then contact Rasgnarok in the OG Pixelmon discord on https://pixelmonmod.com/ with your server info; a background check will be done to ensure you’re using reforged and not generations and then you can apply for the owners discord where we offer optimization guides for sponge and pixelmon to run together that may improve your servers stability. We don’t support generations though so if you fall into that group you’ll need to figure it out on your own or ask in the generation owners discord if that still exists.

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Thank for advice
i use spark sampler to track already the most part is tracking util with pixelmon
server ram i use around 32 even i put more it doesn’t use all of it (that why i think problem is cpu)
for my server hardware i own it
for cpu like i said i use Xeon E5-2470
if i have chance to upgrade it you have any recommend ?

and my network peak at 200mb this concern too ?
Thank for helping

My server use Reforged but also many help tell me like

  • decrease pokemon number or about spawning thing like range, freq

but you know player will hate it if they see less pokemon
also my server didn’t use or give any plushies to player

So three comments (and maybe someone already covered them):

  • You usually do not need more than 12-16 GB of RAM per minecraft server. In fact, it can be bad to use way more that you need.

  • are you using Aikars args or similar? If so, try also adding the runtime arguments: -Xshare:auto -XX:+AggressiveOpts -server -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:+ParallelRefProcEnabled +UseStringDeduplication. If you are not using Aikars or CPW args, I would highly recommend you use them.

  • That CPU you mentioned is a little on the slow end for Minecraft servers. I find that usually a Minecraft modded server needs a base clock of 2.7Ghz or higher. I tend to run my servers in CPUs of 3.3Ghz+ for minecraft.

That is not to say that any of these in particular is am issue itself. I would always recommend trying to change settings and such before buying new hardware.

Ok i will try that all you tell me Thank for helping

So that CPU is a Sandy Bridge also known as a Intel 2000 series chip. I believe it was released around 2011.

Typically Xeons are great for servers due to there larger core count and a few other features such as ECC memory support … but none of that is great for a Minecraft server. That CPU in paticual has 8 cores and 16 threads. As mentioned before Minecraft is heavy on the main core and not much else, so really what you want is something that is powerful on a per core bases rather then more cores. Something like a modern Intel i7 or I9, or a 3rd gen Ryzen 7 or 9 cpu.

If you can not afford a modern day CPU, you can also go as old as a 6000 series Intel CPU, or a first/second generation Ryzen as these are still very fast for modern day standards and well worth the upgrade, they just have less cores and speed.

Just what ever you do, do not get a arm CPU, they are expensive and slow currently, only get one if you want power efficiency,want compatibility with mobile o.s or want to be on the bleeding edge of technology. P.S I dont think you get a arm desktop cpu , i think they are all in laptops… but anyway, avoid it.

Also make sure you take into account a new motherboard that is compatible with your processor. Make sure the motherboard is also natively compatibility with your motherboard as sometimes to get the motherboard compatible it needs a bios update, to do that you need a cpu that is natively supported with the bios it has on it.

Also, because your old CPU uses DDR3 and new processors use DDR4, you will need to take that into account when upgrading.

All in all, upgrading a CPU across multiple generations is very expensive.


Forgot to mention. Comparing GHz between two processors is still a good comparison as long as the two processors are in the same generation and made by the same company. As mentioned before, more modern processors normally have more efficient core design that even if its clocked lower, it can normally cream the previous generation (that is at the same processor, an intel I3 9000 chip can not cream a i9 8000 chip).

Also, processors to avoid. Anything from AMD that says “Ax” (where x is a number) these are “FX” (no number) cores with Radeon graphics strapped on, all AMD “FX” chips should be avoided too. While yes they powered this generation of consoles and the previous generation too, those processors are based on a architecture that was good for 2006, not 2009 or even a decade after.
Another processor series is any intel “Ix” (where x is a number) that is 5000 generation or lower, you wont get much of a upgrade if you pick one of these. Intel Pentium processors can be a catch in a laptop for productivity but not a catch for single core performance, avoid. And the last to avoid that hasnt been mentioned is a Intel Atom/M-Series chip. These don’t even have real cores - i can get better performance out of my 2011 Intel Pentium (2020M) laptop then a modern day Intel Atom.

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As for networking, TPS is ticks per second, essentially minecraft cycles per second. So it hasnt yet sent the information out so network doesnt matter in this situation.

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