I need help how to install sponge on a control panel, Tdadmin control panel

Hello I have a server i want pixelmon with plugins, my problem is where Sponge should be before it works.
I have a TDAdmin control panel. and my server host don’t know “Sponge” so i think it’s here I need search for help.

can you help me guys?

SpongeForge can be installed just like any other Forge mod can be - I assume that your admin panel has a forge mode.

The download link for SpongeForge, btw, is here: spongeforge

Make sure you use the Forge version Sponge was designed with (right now that’s 1722).

ohh thanks i have another version of forge i will download and use the newst version now

it’s not working when i install forge v.1722
I get this when i try to start my server.

How did you install Forge? just downloading the forge-universal.jar isn’t enough… :wink:

Usually the easiest way is to setup a local forge server and then copying the whole thing to your remote server + changing the servers config to start the forge.jar.

I start with go into “Filemanger”

Then i upload the newst version of Forge

After that i go back to menu and go into “Kommandolinjer” the control panel is danish so it will be “command lines” and chance to my start up file to run with “the newsst file of forge”.

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You need to properly setup the Forge server. It must download its dependencies before you can use it:


I suggest that you install it locally (on your machine) and upload the whole folder. The other option is described in the link above.

Now i have get sponge on my server where to install plugins. in “Mods”

Ehhh sorry for my “Reply” i have found “Bukkit-Plugin”

Just copy SpongeForge into the mods folder of your server. Sponge does NOT run bukkit plugins! Only if you installed pore, a Sponge Plugin, you should have a bukkit Plugin folder.