I Need Help to find VOte Plugin

Hello i have a server but i want a Vote Plugin for sponge also so you can vote on websites can anyone Give me a tips for a Vote Plugin for Sponge?

I recommend NuVotifier with AurionVoteListener.

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But is the NuVotefier working for sponge??

Yes, I am currently using it.

hmm “but is the NuVotifier working for sponge??” if it was not working with sponge why would the plugin dev post it here?

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Moved to Plugin Discussion. Plugin Requests is for requesting plugins that don’t yet exist.


yeah but now have i fix vote here http://minecraftservers.org/server/464382 but should the vote work because i dont get anything by voting but i have download the both plugins.

In 90% of the voting issues I’ve seen or experienced myself, it’s user error, if you like, you’re welcome to PM me on Discord (yepidoodles#5971) and I’ll help you troubleshoot.