I need help with the PixelChat plugin

Hi all, I’ve encountered a problem, namely with the plugin “PixelChat”, for some unknown reason when I put it on the server and run, it just does not want to run (without it all works well), I hope for your help:)

As in the server doesnt run or the plugin doesn’t run?

Mind stating your minecraft version/api version?

If you have a log of the server that would be great

The server itself does not start when I put the plugin:(

1.12.2, API… i dont know how to look API :3

and i dont know how send a logs:(

If its 1.12.2 it will be api 7.x so thats good enough.

As for logs, typically send it onto pastebin or a different paste site and then send the link here

need crashreports or debug logs?

Just the one named latest.log

Oh my god, I don’t know what I just did, but now the server is starting:)

Thank for you help:)

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