I need to jar file of this github library source code


I want to use this github library source code as a jar file in eclipse. for making jar file of this github project, i imported this library into a new eclipse project and tried to solve errors of classes but i dont Know how can i solve this error: CodeClassifier cannot be resolved to a type
Can anyone give me jar file of this project?


You don’t need a jar file provided for you - add https://jitpack.io/ as a Maven repository and com.github.kbiakov:CodeView-android:f2b0dfd as a dependency. You can do this with any GitHub project - it’s just com.github.<username>:<repository>:<commit hash or tag>.


Thanks pie_flavor for your answer but how can i add a Maven repository?
please guide me step by step because i am a beginner in eclipse.



This is how to setup sponge in eclipse using Maven. After that then tell us


He is not using Sponge, didn’t you look at what he linked? This is an Android project.


To add a Maven repository, add maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' } to your repositories block in build.gradle.


Thank you very much pie_flavor for your answer. I imported FlexibleRichTextView library in a gradle project in eclipse and added all necessary jar files to the project for resolving errors, but one error is remained.

This error is related to CodeView-android library. For resolving this error too, i added maven { url "https://jitpack.io" } in my root build.gradle at the end of repositories and added the dependency compile 'com.github.kbiakov:CodeView-android:1.3.1' in dependencies block, but the error has not been resolved yet. what should I do?


You may have to tell Gradle to refresh itself. If that doesn’t work, closing and reopening Eclipse might. I’ve never used Eclipse with Gradle, so I couldn’t say for sure how it works exactly. I wasn’t even aware that Eclipse had Android support - IntelliJ or Android Studio have always been the platform for it.


FYI, Eclipse was used for Android development before Android Studio came along

It was the official IDE for Android but was replaced by Android Studio