I think I may have the most posts

I’m at 255 after this post.

I’m only about 30 posts behind ya lol

This makes 229 for me. :)

Srsly? Well… I only have like… 130? posts.

Then I need to keep my spot :smiley:

97 here, but number of posts isn’t what counts :wink: You need badges from the Posting category

218 here! Close. Very close!

Muhahahahahahaha :smiley:

80 - I believe I’m the real winner here.

now you’re just being silly and spamming to get your post count up :confused:

Don’t make assumptions off of one post. :stuck_out_tongue:

14 badges, according to my forum pokedex. :3

I has 266 posts :wink: Wait no, 267, (self description)

Noooo We’ll at least I’m second!

and he has a Nice Topic badge

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That puts me at 3rd I think xD

The Ultimate Race

And I’ve 13 badges, you’ve only 11 :wink:

Well, I guess I’m a little bit behind with 2 posts.

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Just a little bit… :wink: