I want to create a plugin

Hello, I want to learn how to create a plugin because, I like this theme there are any tutorials in this forum or similar? please if you know how to create plugins contact with me!

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Yep! Although the Sponge API is very far from complete, this post by @Tux2 can help a bit. It’s just a short bit of info about how to start a new plugin with Sponge’s API (which you have to compile yourself or download a pre-compiled version from Tux’s Jenkins build server)

But there’s not specification to create a plugin, I think that I never created any plugin there is any plugin like a hello world?

The API isn’t ready to start writing plugins yet. Once it is ready, I’m sure the community will be able to help you a little bit more. Remember, this project was nothing but an idea just a few short weeks ago… keep checking back and watch the announcements. In the meantime, you should take some time to learn about the Java programming language which will go a long way in helping you create a plugin once the API is ready.


Are you looking for help setting up a workspace to create a plugin or do you just want an example plugin you can build from? There isn’t going to be much specification right now since Sponge is only a few weeks old, and isn’t really capable of supporting any functional plugins so far. There is an example plugin class in the SpongeAPI GitHub repo, here’s a link to it! Also note that the org.apache.logging.log4j.Logger used there is not embedded into Sponge as far as I know.

I’m going to be firend of java and i’m going to to investigate a little of plugins.

Ah i’m spanish sorry for my Globish :wink:

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Whats the best program to create plugins for the future sponge?

I suggest you use Eclipse, it’s an easy to use IDE.

Before starting with Sponge, I suggest you look at how Bukkit plugins are made.

Videos like this should help:

Eclipse is hands down my favorite.

It’s a matter of preference, but any IDE that supports java, or if you want, don’t even need a IDE, can use any text editor and compile it somehow else. As far as ease goes, I think Eclipse may be easiest to pickup. I prefer IntelliJ personally. Lot of people prefer NetBeans (which those 3 seem to be the most popular, not gonna list any others)

Bukkit plugins will need a server to test and debug them.

Truth, although not the best time to be trying to set one up, unfortunately XD Despite having issues getting a copy of CraftBukkit or Spigot to run a server with, a tutorial with how to set up a server to test with can be found here (I’m just in the mood to post all the links, I guess). Obtaining a server jar at the moment may be a bit annoying, but I think you can get them from Spigot, and using their Patcher to update it to recent versions.

Or if you wanted, you could buy a server from a host for a cheap price. They should have the latest Bukkit releases available on their panel.

Very subtle, Joseph XD Are panels still allowed to distribute Bukkit? I think my panel had it removed after the DMCA takedown.

It’s still on the MCPH panel, I have not heard of any DMCA issues as of yet (with us).

But maybe soon, who knows.

I’d guess you’d need a private repository of Bukkit jars by now. I can’t even get MineOS’s web panel to download Bukkit, despite it still being on the list.

I kind of have a repo of most versions since 1.6.4 saved in my pc… ._. just pointing it out. Also 1.7.0 craftbukkit. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to give it to others, but I have it. :D

Sponge if fairly different from Bukkit. I quess you just have to wait till Sponge comes out and alot of tutorials are going to appear on YouTube.

I guess you can look at this one as well.

Supposed to be a good demonstration although this isn’t so much.