I want to protect the world and make summon Pokémon simultaneously

I already have the World. Is to protect the world at the same time did not want to hwage summon Pokémon comes naturally. Then I should choose, I want to make that randomly summon Pokémon. Protection of the World - which is why plug-in for?

Uhm… O.o
And now in english? ^^’

“protect the world” -> Maybe FoxGuard helps you? <3

I am having a small amount of difficulty comprehending what you are saying. Most of the things you could be saying, though, are non-issues. Have you tried just installing a protection plugin and seeing what happens?

What is your native language? we have many people on the forums, perhaps posting in your native language along with an English translation will help. If someone understands they should be able to answer you better.

Have you tried using a plugin already? It should be possible to protect the world without stopping natural pokemon summoning?

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