iConomyChestShop-like plugin for Sponge

Hello people,

wouldn’t it be great to have a ChestShop plugin for Sponge?
Now I use SpongeForge for some days already and I think a ChestShop plugin like iConomyChestShop for Bukkit is unavoidable
for Sponge too.
I’m absolutely happy with Sponge now but I think something like that is missing.
Of course there are already some written plugins which are comparable to iConomyChestShop but these haven’t the same functionalities and the same ease of use.
For example when using another plugins you need write commands to create a shop and there’s no chest to easily refill items if shop is out of stock.
And also some other shop plugins show permanent holograms when created a shop, which is kind of bad.

I hope someone would really like and is able to write an almost identical ChestShop plugin for Sponge.
Especially because you would support many economic Minecraft servers.
Furthermore I think ,the more plugins are available from Bukkit, the more Sponge gets popular and likeable for usally disagreeable/careful people.

Many persons would be very thankful if someone could that :slight_smile: .Thx for reading.

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(hope English was ok)

What would you do if the item ID didn’t fit on a sign? Or the price? This is why commands are used; the input isn’t restrained.

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I think that’s no problem because you use different lines for different information like the price.
iConomyChestShop also works fine for thousands of users,I’ve never had problems with entering prices or item id’s :slight_smile: There was always some space still available.
Second for entering full item names you just use number id’s instead of alphabetic names. For example “minecraft:cooked_chicken” will be id “366:0” then and will be shown as Chicken:0 or just “Chicken”.And if there’s no space left on a sign line for the alphabetical item name after entering the id for it,it just cuts some parts, but as I already told I have never had a problem with showing item names on a sign.

Well, that’s the thing - Minecraft doesn’t use numerical IDs anymore. Nowhere in the Sponge code can any sort of ItemStack or ItemType be obtained from the number 366; every possible way of obtaining one from a raw value requires the raw value be cooked_chicken or minecraft:cooked_chicken. And because of this you will swiftly run into item IDs that don’t fit on signs. Especially when you get into mod support.
As for item names, ideally they’d be TranslatableText instead of LiteralText, so they appear in the user’s native language, and thus there’s no way to know what does fit on a sign. Especially when you get into mod support.
Meanwhile, there’s still the assumption that the monetary unit is of approximately the US dollar scale. What if it was, for instance, closer to the scale of the Zimbabwe dollar or the Papiermark? What happens when a user wants to charge more money than can be written on one line of the sign? Especially when you get into mod support.

Well,yes that’s true but I must add that I have seen solutions for non-alphabetical id’s too.
For instance, the plugin called “Essentials” or “EssentialsSign” for Bukkit uses a seperated file containing alphabetical id’s with their belonging numeric id’s (i.e “minecraft:cooked_chicken 366”).
Now the plugin could just use the numeric id from the sign and look for it in the file until it finds the id’s belonging alphabetical id like cooked_chicken.

Minecraft got rid of numerical IDs for a good reason, and this would essentially ignore it. There’s also the fact, again, that all this would be extremely hard to integrate with mod support.

So, I cannot help myself but to interject here…

ChestShop also had a “?” feature on the name-line of it’s signs.
By using ? in the name location, the sign would then search the chest below the sign for the “ID/NAME” of the container’s contents and auto-populate properly.

Since the sign and the chest were linked in this manner, it meant that destroying either one would destroy the shop completely. While number ID’s don’t exist anymore, the “?” type function still could work for auto-population on a shop-location for even mod items. Especially if this information was store location + information in a file-format which seems to be half the shop systems anyway.

A ChestShop system is not impossible with sponge/forge or modded items either.
The tricky part would probably having the items display names alone and not minecraft:leaves or something silly like that on a sign.

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Naw, that’s easy. Just make the text TranslatableText and the user’s language file will do the rest.

Well then there we go, making an iConomyChestShop should be relatively easy then, and relatively easy to support Mods as well.

So why don’t we have one? XD

Well, I’m making a command-based sign chest shop, so time will tell.

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