[IDEA] Brewery Plugin!

A plugin that contains a default list of recipes not only limited to potions but beverages and soups.
The plugin would be similar to the already existing “Brewery Bukkit Plugin” but instead re-made as a sponge version for modded Minecraft.

Sadly there isnt enough dedicated devs on sponge to take on a ton of requests and keep them updated. :\

Actually there are quite a few. Most take on projects they are passionate and/or motivated about (weather that be from money or something else).

You may want to make it more clear on what you want. “A default list of recipes” isnt clear. Do you mean show the player the default list of brewing stand recipes? If so then nucleus does that.

Or do you want a full port of this “brewery bukkit plugin”? Btw is it this one? https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/brewery if so thats a huge request that plugin devs probably wont do unless they are offered money.

Lastly. Its been less then 24 hours from your request to your second post meaning that you only take into account the people who looked between those hours. Not every community member looks every day