[IDEA] Downloading and Installing Sponge

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All or at least most of us probably know what has happened to bukkit.
So we can never be sure if Mojang won’t do the same as Wolvereness did… They support the modding community NOW but who knows what they think about it in a year or so?

I’ve got an idea to avoid this.
Tell me what you guys think about the following:

Why not make it so that you still have to download the original Minecraft-Server.jar but there will be a seperate program that downloads all the needed mods (Plugin API, Forge, etc…)? So it would basically work like the Forge installer…

As I mentioned earlier, it would help avoiding possible copyright problems with Mojang.

Anyway, I don’t know how difficult it would be to write this program… But it would probably be better than a wrapper.

– MrStickmanPro1


sponge is already a forge mod. All you need is a forge server.


If mojang wants to stop the modding/server communities for some reason, they’ll find a way. With the amount of money they have, they can win a legal battle by attrition.

But for mojang to do that if furthering the hole they would dig = more hate + less profit?

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