[Idea] Radiocraft

This has probably been asked years ago somewhere else like “I want mp3!!!” yet this is a little bit different, it is not a mp3 player.

Is there a possibility to create a plugin that allows players to listen to radio from all over the world?
Most radio stations have online streaming and that is used to listen to in through MC.

Commands like:
/RC Help (Lists all commands of the plugin)
/RC List Netherlands (This shows a list of all radio stations in the country The Netherlands, other example is /RC List Germany)
/RC Select SlamFM (This selects the radio station, in this case SlamFM)
/RC Play (This plays the current selected radio station)
/RC Stop (This stops the playing of the current selected radio station)


  • Radiocraft.help
  • Radiocraft.list.* (The star can also be replaced by a country)
  • Radiocraft.select.* (same as above, I wonder why actually, but some people will forbid some radiostations or do them per rank)
  • Radiocraft.play
  • Radiocraft.stop

To be honest, this isn’t really a server modification, but something that would be (and could only be) done through the client.

As a mod yes, but it would be cool if the server could be a central point where you can select and listen to your preffered radio station.

I dunno. Personally, if I have to mod my client to listen to music anyways, I’d prefer that I could listen to whatever I wanted, rather than what the server makes available.

What’s the point of an individual server deciding what radio stations you can listen to? Or, rather, if it’s an “central point” as you suggest, that means it would only work on a single server? Or each server would have their own “central point”?

The modification is definitely not impossible, but server-side interaction sounds pointless.

EDIT: Not to mention, I’d much prefer to just use Spotify, rather than modding my client for the same functionality for whatever reason.

EDIT2: Though, I suppose server-side interaction could be used for MMORPG/Action servers for the intention of “setting the mood”. You know, selecting what song is playing for you. However, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with a server, run by someone I potentially don’t know, having that kind of access to my client.

I’d go with a Sponge serverside plugin that shares different stations (think of themed background music) and a forge mod as client mod that actually plays the music
You could even switch the music when entering a certain blockrange (ie caves, nether, towns…).
A custom channel (play the music the player wants to listen to) could be realised too.

Take a look at the GUI Plugin posted a few days ago. That would be a nice solution for station selection.

Yes, but the only downside is that the client has to install mods. I want to keep it on the server side because me as server creator and hoster, can update easily and modify stuff. Some of my friends are lazy and don’t know how to install mods and I don’t want to help every time with stuff that they could easily do on their own.

As I said before, this cannot be done without client modification. Your Minecraft client, regardless of what the server is running, doesn’t have the necessary protocols to do this.

Refer to my post directly above yours. Specifically:

agreed. there always is a security risk when installing a mod/plugin that streams huge amounts of data.

That is true, if everybody will stream, the server will lag and crash.

Well, that’s not all we meant, but is also a good point.

What @Tzk was saying was; It’s easy to send a file labeled as an mp3 format, then, when executed does something else entirely.

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Background browser tab, phone app, theres a few options right there that don’t need a client mod.

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Still requires more than just a server mod, and fairly useless when people can use the apps they already have.

mp3’s arn’t executed. They are read. It’s next to impossible to get a virus from an mp3. So no it’s not “easy” to get a virus from an mp3.

Are you agreeing or disagreeing? is a web browser not an “app they already have”?

You’re implying that “difficulty to make” equates to “difficulty to receive”, which it doesn’t. In the digital age, of which we should all be familiar, things are fairly easy to copy and, in return, be picked up by people with malicious intent.

I’m saying that most people, before this mod/app/plugin, already have applications in which to play music. Spotify, Pandora, Last.FM, YouTube, etc. The idea of developing a separate application which someone has to have running in order for their Minecraft client to be able to play music is slightly ridiculous.

However… I’ve already made my complaints/concerns known, and if anyone decides to develop this, I’m certainly not going to object. There have been plenty of other silly things made that turned out to be a pretty big hit.

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Playing music in-game is kinda redundant anymore because of services like Spotify, plug.dj, and heck, even Youtube with their Music Key (I think that’s what its called?) service. I see why it would have applications in certain settings, say, a boss battle in some RPG mod, but for general radio or music broadcasting purposes, it is just redundant.


And to help with the virus debate: If I compile a malicious binary file, and replace “exe” with “mp3”, that’s it, game over. The binary is unaltered; its still the same malicious program. The end user would not be able to execute it through their operating system’s file manager (probably) because the operating system would think it is a mp3 and treat it as such, but if a command for executing binaries is ran (Runtime.exec(), for example), takes the malicious file as an argument, and ignores extensions, well, gg computer.

No one in their right mind would execute an mp3 as an executable in any program, unless being intentionally malicious. It would take some form of buffer overflow exploit or something.

And if they are being intentionally malicious it was game over as soon as you downloaded their software to play mp3’s.

So no for general purpose, theres no real reason to have a plugin that plays radio, unless it’s a stream being created from the server, you want positional audio, you want to be able to turn it on or off ingame, you want to- oh wait that list is looking pretty long…

http://ftb.gamepedia.com/Radio_(OpenBlocks) It’s even been done in mods before, so why is everyone freaking out?