'if instanceof' changes with SpongeForge Mixins

Hello, just working on a mod using SpongeForge and I’m curious if there’s an “”“easy”"" way to change this one line:

`if (entityLivingBaseIn instanceof ServerPlayerEntity && !entityLivingBaseIn.isSpectator()) {`


`if ((entityLivingBaseIn instanceof ServerPlayerEntity || entityLivingBaseIn instanceof FoxEntity) && !entityLivingBaseIn.isSpectator()) {`

in the net.minecraft.potion.Effects class. I noticed that Opcodes.INSTANCEOF doesn’t seem to be enabled in JumpInsnPoint though I confess I don’t think I’d know quite how to use it even if it was.

I understand it’d likely be much easier to just use an inject on that entire method but I am worried that that would have unfortunate side effects for other modders trying to modify the same thing.

Essentially my question is: is this possible to do without colliding with other mod authors? If not, what’s the best way to minimise damage?

I’ll be grateful of any helpful answers, much obliged for reading this.