I'm banned on #sponge and #spongedev?

So, I was idling on IRC for a few hours earlier on #sponge and #spongedev. Nothing out of the ordinary. I come on after a few hours, and I’m somehow banned from both channels. I don’t think I broke any rules… But I searched up “ban” and I saw that @octoshrimpy was banned as well at one point.

TL;DR I’m banned and I didn’t do anything. Send hlp pls.

Looking into it babe.

Dark-Arcana> Well, I have a list of bans.
And he’s not on it.

Well, mistah @DarkArcana claims you’re not banned. try again, yo’

There’s a ban on names of 19+ characters, according to people in chat your nick at the time you quit was “Stefenatefun|Coding” which is just long enough to trigger that.


I just needed to re-identify with nickserv. Works now.

Yeah, that was my name at the time. I’ll shorten it next time.

mine was octo|eatAllTheThings, which is 19 exactly, again, triggering it. xD