I'm developing a service, what are your thoughts?

My idea is to create a “player base management service.” The idea is that I will create a service that server owners can use in order to track and maintain their entire player base. The service will be built in a way that allows server owners to give and revoke access to/from staff members on their servers.

The service will provide the following:

  • Analytics
  • Player management (new players, last active, total play time etc…)
  • Punishment management (bans, mutes, history etc…)
  • Report management (report abuses, history)

It’d be nice to provide a permission service to that would allow the server owner to have a network-based permission system that could filter down into sub systems and be fine-grained further. What’s everyone’s opinion on this?

Overall question:
Would you use a service like this? The idea would be that you pay a monthly fee, how much would you pay for all of these tools?

Does the service have a web control panel or is it all built into the game?

P.S. I’m not sure Plugin Requests is the right category for this :slight_smile:

Sorry, meant for it to be in “plugin development.”

So, the idea is a web-panel is provided by default, but the front-end will be speaking to a REST api anyway, so I think I’d open-source the front-end allowing people to adapt, customize how they see fit and then host themselves. It’d be nice then to develop a section on the website that people could post themes too, etc…