Im getting a crash on a 1.11.2 server im not sear what the problem is

okay my server is crashing and i need a bit of help to get it running so here is my crash report

Looks like one of your plugins is depending on a class that doesn’t exist, UltimateCore is probably the culprit or something thereof. @Bammerbom thoughts?

okay so it needs a class so where do i get the class or how do i fix it then

NVM i got it i just tryed ro rune it agin and it worked this time for some reason wow that was a ez fix just to hi start

The class which is missing is the bstats class (dependencies/bammerbom/ultimatecore/org/bstats/Metrics;).
It should just work fine, no idea what caused that error.
I hope it doesn’t happen again

okay i got that fixed but now a new problem

I would remove the Updatifier plugin, it latest release was for API 4 and you are running API 6, something probably changed between the API versions that messed the plugin up.