Imported world is not saved


i’m importing a world via nucleus /world create -i Weyard, the world gets loaded and unloaded and all is fine.

now when I restart the server and join again, if i was in the imported world “Weyard” I’ll be put in another world (i think with the same coordinates) and when I try to teleport to that world again via /world tp Weyard, then it fails because the world isnt imported anymore.

if I use the same approach with other worlds, it works. also, I dont see any issues regarding world saving in the log.

the world is old though (maybe 1.7/1.8).

how do i import it properly / save it?




This looks like a question for Nucleus, try asking in their Discord

~ Alice


afaik nucleos unly wraps the sponge api, no?

so if the world is actually saved, its on sponge territory