[Impossible] Create Reloader?

Hello, i want create a plugin who can actualise an another plugin without stop the server?
do i have to disable the plugin and start again? or with another way?
and how can i do this? because close the server every times is lost time. and the time is money for me… (french expression)

Live-reloading plugins is not possible due to technical reasons unless the plugin implements reloading functionality itself; see [here][1] for a more detailed answer.
[1]: Plugin reloading/enabling - #15 by sk89q

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It is not intended that plugins be loaded, unloaded and reloaded dynamically. The whole thing has already been discussed and the final decision was that there will not be dynamic plugin reloading.

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okay, i understand…

Is this for production or for testing?

If this is for testing you can get a limited reload capability by using Hot Code Replacement using your IDE.

What is possible is to reload a config. However that depends on your plugin and how you handle things :wink:

i wonder… would it be possible to make a plugin triggered full serverrestart?