[In Dev] EntityDisguise

Latest Update
I have been dropped into University, so I don’t really have time to update this plugin, however jon100456 has created a small updat to the plugin that updates the code from early 5.0.0 API to 5.1.0 API.

This is a small plugin that makes all players see you as a mob. This plugin does not use NMS at all. All the code behind the plugin is based on Sponge API.

How does it work?

Short answer:
makes you look like a mob to everyone but you, other mobs think you are that mob.

Long answer:
This plugin creates a Mob that everyone can see then turns you invincible to everyone. From there this plugin then tracks your moves and simulates thous moves onto the Mob. Not only that, the server treats you as the Mob, so other mobs should not harm you.


player commands

/ed disguise <entity type>
permission (only one needed): 
 - ed.command.disguise.<entity type>
 - ed.command.disguise.* 

This will disguise you as a entity

/ed remove
permission: ed.command.remove

This will remove your disguise if you have one

/ed mobs (not programmed in yet)
permission: ed.command.elist
alias: /ed EList

Displays a list of supported entities

/ed DList
permission: ed.command.dlist

Shows a list of disguised players

To Do

  • display the disguise to players who join after the disguise is applied
  • Allow disguised players to see their own disguised entity with command
  • Add config
  • allow admins to toggle hiding disguised players from tab list
  • sort out breeding the disguised entity with other entities
  • fix any and every bug

github downloads: here
ore page: here


Might I suggest an alias to /ed EList? Something like /ed mobs would be the bee’s knees :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be more then happy to add something like that in. Thanks for the feedback

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Complete disguise without NMS?

mind = blown.



Still working on this so don’t get your hopes too high… Just yet

But if you are still working on it, then perhaps it is possible.

I can not test it until sponge is working again and all data is implemented. But in theory its possible with the sponge events.

What is the status on this plugin, is it able to be tested? If it is working, maybe you would consider adding an API or creating a class people could insert into their plugins for easy use?

The status of this plugin is still in-dev. I’m waiting for living.moveEvent to get implemented.
I’ll upload version 2 when I next get onto my computer so you can mess around with the current API. Please note that the API will change before full release (not much will be changed but enough)

Ok, sounds good!


just updated the releases. By the time you read this, ive probably updated the source code.

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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This plugin has been updated, making the following changes

  • all entities (including custom forge entities - that support sponge) are now accepted, however some entities do not work
  • updated the code to Sponge Beta (API 3.0.0)
  • no spam error
  • if the player hits there own disguise, no damage will occur
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“That support sponge” Well crap. There goes using this for Pixelmon right now xD I’ve got a server I’ll be trying this out on soon though it sounds awesome

please note this is a highly unfinished plugin. There are still a few bugs and a lot needs to be finished

Yeah it say’s In Dev on top. I’ve got test servers to mess around on for these things

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sorry, i know some people ignore that sign completely and wonder why they get a bug here or there

Is there a way as admin I can clear all disguises?

Currently, This plugin is no where near complete. permissions are not in place or anything like that, but i will add a command for players to clear all player disguises later in its development

Okay thanks… we (my son and his friends) played with it a bit and had a lot of fun.