[In Dev] EntityDisguise


Now updated to API 5.0.0


I remember years ago a bukkit plugin like this - it also had the ability to disguise you as another player. Something like /disguise -p <playername>.

Would this have that feature too? I’m not asking for it, just curious if you had that in mind too.

We found it useful as admins and mods when we wanted to put on events and all wear the same ‘costume’ without changing our official skin.


yes, this will be a feature.

it will be in the form as other commands, such as the following

/ed clone <player>
/ed set passager <entity type>
/ed set name <display name>

clone would clone the data from a player and essentially disguise you as the player. set passanger would set the mob that is riding you. set name would set the name above your disguise

you will also be able to do the folliowing commands

/ed set skin <uuid/playername>
/ed set variant <mob variant>

the skin command does what it says on the tin, variant allows you to set the mob variant, such as different patterned hourses


would also be nice if you could get this working with the pixelmon mod. or mods in general. concept is nice though.


Im still getting the basics of the plugin working in a nice way. After that i may look into it.


Could i take part of your code to implement it in my pixelmon project? I’ll give you the credits of course
(correct me if i’m wrong but there is no copyright so i had to ask you)


Sure. As long as you give me credit im happy for you to take as much code as you want of this project


Hello, when a disguised player collides with a block the disguise goes off


Woud it be possible to disguise as pixelmon?


Would need to interact with Pixelmon models/code, so short answer is no. Pixelmon are not vanilla entities.


I remeber there being talk about sponge being able to get custom Entity data from other plugins. However i dont think pixelmon is supported.
EntityDisguse uses Sponges “getAllOf” that gets all Entity types sponge knows about.
So it maybe possible sometime in the future however i dont know if its possible now.


Actually I think all pixelmon entities are returned by getAllOf, didn’t test it tho


I havent tested it either. However from what i had heard from the other Entity Disguise chat is that this plugin does not get them, however that chat was ealier sponge versions. Ao may have changed since then


I can disguise as the haloween entity which is pretty cool haha


Update to 1.12.2?


This version of EntityDisguise will not update anymore. However I am going to be working on a new version that is designed to be upgraded in the future. This new version will target MC 1.12.2 with the initial release. However I am currently extremely busy and cannot develop anything other then university coursework.

Download new version here https://ore.spongepowered.org/MoseMister/Entity-Disguise


In our continuing effort to phase out the Plugin Releases category, this thread is being locked because the plugin is already listed on Ore.

Check it out: https://ore.spongepowered.org/MoseMister/Entity-Disguise