In search of a mod developer who wouldn't mind making a few modifications to an existing mod for me

Howdy all who have come here,

I need someone to make some changes to the Metamorph mod (found here: )

Changes I need made, as well as proof of the mod author’s permission, are show below…or wherever the screenshot image will post here.

I can be reached (the quickest) at my Discord at @Ryan96t#7766

You dont even need a mod for this if you are trying to use pokemon disguises on players, if I am reading that correctly.

Well, yes. I did forget about the PokeDisguise mod. Perhaps I should look into that. However, I might have issues with permissions and such.

Also the issue of finding a 1.12.2 version of the PokeDisguise jar file. XD

Found a 1.12.2 version…annd there’s this.