Incorrect interaction (lava and water) in SpongeForge servers

Hello again, peoples!

Not long ago times I migrate my server from 1.11.2 version (forge-1.11.2-, spongeforge-1.11.2-2315-6.1.0-BETA-2377.jar ) to 1.12.2 version (forge-1.12.2-, spongeforge-1.12.2-2555-7.0.0-BETA-2786.jar ), and noticed, that stone generators no more work anymore.

Stone Generator (not cobblestone!) arranged so. Lava flow from up to target cell, water flow from lateral side. Automatic piston from other side - shifts block of stone (on-off) and clean cell to next filling with lava and water. With SpongeForge running this behavior is change. Stone appears not only in target cell, also stone appears on the upper adjacent cell.

But this is incorrect! On upper adjacent cell water does not flow!

I remove sponge.jar file and run server without sponge. All work fine, upper-adjacent cell does not affected with water. Therefore problem is in the SpongeForge file! I delete Sponge from my server, temporarily, run server without Sponge.

Please, find this error and correct it! Stone generators does not work!

please report this on the issue tracker here

This should be fixed in the next build.

Thx, bug is fixed.
I have found an other bug (see other theme)