Increase Minecart-Speed

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is there any possibility to increase the speed of Minecarts. I know that in Vanilla the maximum speed is 8 m/s. can I make this faster somewhere in the config or by a command?
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The interface details it pretty well:

Thanks for the fast answer, but I have no idea how I can use this in Minecraft.
Does this work with Commandblocks and if it is so, what is the command?

the interface @gabizou is the interface that plugin developers use to interact with Minecarts. Unless you can code/learn to code, or get someone who can (E.G, plugin requests) you can not directly interact with it.

obviously, you can request a plugin that converts commands to interact with the interface. Maybe use the minecart a player is looking at and then the commands actually interact with that interface for the minecart.

We will discuss this in our Community and I think we will find someone, who will program a plugin for our advantages.

if your looking for a global change (as in affecting every minecart that has spawned and will spawn) then that will be a quick easy plugin to make. You will also find that most Plugin Request Developers (at least the ones i know of) don’t ask for anything in return, they just do it in the goodness of their heart, gain experience … or just give them something to do.

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There might actually be an issue with that Gabizou, I was bored so I decided to try and make this using this snippet:

     public void RideEntity(RideEntityEvent.Mount event) {
	MinecartTweaks instance = MinecartTweaks.getInstance();
	if(event.getTargetEntity() instanceof Minecart){
	    Minecart mc = (Minecart) event.getTargetEntity();
	    System.out.println(mc.getPotentialMaxSpeed()+" "+mc.getSwiftness());
    } ```

The PotenialMaxSpeed always remains 0.4, evene when swiftness is, 0.8, 20, 1000, anything really... 

I also have setup a 100000 log track to race carts, one tthat gets set to the higher swiftness still doesn't go any faster than the unchanged one.

Hey there

i´m very interested in changing the maximum speed of minecarts on my server.

Is there any way to double the original max speed in API6?