Increase tag limit per post?

Continuing the discussion from [Soaked Up #3] An Interview with The_Doctors_Life, and more!:

So if you haven’t noticed on the third edition of Soaked Up, I’ve had to make 3 posts right after each other so that I could post all of the subscribers. Eventually there will be 4-5+ posts of just subscribers, due to the 20 tag limit per post.

Yes, I know I’m the only one that will probably have this problem, but it would be nice if the limit could be increased. Why is there a limit anyways?

Hmmm, I am not subscribed. But I get notifications because I am subscribed to the Sponge forum. Maybe suggest to your subscribers to subscribe the whole forum instead.

And I think their is a limit to avoid advertising spam.

Perhaps some plugin could be written just for periodicals such that users could subscribe and unsubscribe themselves. Where the notification would be custom instead of just a tag notification.

Their isn’t really a plugin needed for this. Just a soaked up forum where people can subscribe to. And where @DotDash can write his posts to. But maybe that goes to far, idk.

It’d need a good and free host though. Plus I’d like to keep it centralized on the Sponge Forums.

Just make it a sub-forum of these forums, perhaps under Sponge or Announcements

Maybe have on main thread that everybody subscribes to and then announce it in there? Idk…

My own subforum o.O


If that were to happen I’d want it so only I could post so it wouldn’t get messy.

@DarkArcana Could you take give some feedback on what @simon816 said?

That’s what I thought, too :stuck_out_tongue:

That is what I meant to xD.

Looking into.

I think a forum or sub forum would be appropriate. This way we don’t have like 5-10 posts from @DotDash for tagging people who request it. Since anyone can watch a forum at any time in any way It would save some frustration for @DotDash having @ everyone who wants it.

The only thing that annoys me is that I have to do multiple posts of subscribers, which will eventually also get annoying for readers. I just have to copy and paste the list of subscribers from a txt file.

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Dunno if I can make a sub-forum. We don’t want to give the impression that anyone can have an official sub-forum for their specific topic. This could be hard to maintain. @lukegb was looking into ways to handle this after I talked to him the other day.

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Maybe have a media sub-forum?

I think this would be the most easily doable option. Make a central thread in which you make a post whenever there is a new edition of Soaked Up (E.G. Hey, everyone, new edition out now! Check it out at!).

Thise who want to keep up can then subscribe (Tracking or watching) to that thread, eliminating your need for a wall of subscribers :slight_smile:


This sounds like the most viable option.

Looks like we have the. Soaked Up HQ now. Thanks for the feedback. Also, did people really go to

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loox like it, eh? xD