Incredible TPS lag - Timings or other ways to debunk it more accurately

Hey to those that are reading this. I’m in a bit of a crisis here and I’d appreciate any sort of help or advice as to tackling this really, really awful issue.

The server I help moderate is in a bit of a crunch as far as lag has been going. The server itself has solid hardware (which I will list in the bottom of this post) in which the issue seems to be cause by the mods and plugins involved.

I’d like to nail exactly what mod or plugin is causing the issues, without having to remove every mod and plugin one by one and testing this way. Is there such a method?

Thanks to whomever can offer any advice! I will provide timings in the latest tomorrow morning if needed!

(For reference, this is the server specs and mods)

Intel Xeon E5-1650v4 @ 3.60GHz CPU
1Gbps Network Port

Hosting provided by Shockbyte MC.

Minecraft version 1.12.2
Sponge version: spongeforge-1.12.2-2611-7.1.0-BETA-2990.jar

Security Craft
MrCrayFish’s Furniture Mod
Chisels and Bits (Chisel Addon)
CodeChicken Library (for NEI & JEI)
ConnectedTexturesMod (for Chisel)
Ender Storage
Extra Utilities 2
Inventory Tweaks
Just Enough Items
Journey Map
Malisis [Blocks/Core/Doors]
Not Enough Items
Pam’s Harvestcraft
Pixelmon reforged
Secret Rooms Mod
Thut Core/Tech
Wearable Backpacks

Plugin List:
Active Time
Nucleus Essentials
ViP Slots


There are several tools to help you identify problems; Sponge comes with timings built in, see timings on the docs here. I personally use TickProfiler, you just need that one server side and it gives you a nice sum up of what’s causing the most lag. I’ve also been recommended LagGoggles, however I haven’t tried it yet.

Although looking at your mod list, I’m going to say that Pixelmon, Extra Utilities or the Malisis mods are going to be at least some of the cause. Also why do you have both NEI and JEI? They’re exactly the same thing, pretty much.

Hope this helps,

~ Alice

Also you say DDR4 ECC RAM, however how much ram are you getting? If your only getting 4GB, I don’t think that is enough for these mods/plugins :stuck_out_tongue:

How old is TwentyTicks? That might be one cause. You may have other aged plugins.
I don’t think Journeymap is a server-side mod, either …

I know for sure that the Malisis mods work OK with SpongeForge (I’ve been using them for quite a while), same with Chisel, CTM, Chisel-and-bits, CFM, JEI, and Harvestcraft.

THANK YOU ALL very much for the quick responses guys! I sincerely appreciate it. I will use tick profiler and laggoggles if i can to help debunk these issues-- thank you for recommending them @yepidoodles !

d4rkfly3r Oh my bad! Yeah it’s 32GB RAM. Should be fine. I hope. qvq

@Inscrutable It’s old, but I don’t know if its the one causing issues. But I’ll leave it to the aforementioned mods by doodles to tll me otherwise.

Thanks again guys!

Ok, thanks to laggoggles I’ve debunked some heavy-hitting mods and blocks ingame. I’m having issues with Transfer Nodes and Mechanical Users (Extrautils) and something from securitycraft, not too sure since it cuts off, but i think it may be reinforced blocks since EACH BLOCK calls for one sec of tps.

I would like to limit the tps of these mods somehow, but I’m not too sure how. @Inscrutable are there any ways to limit TPS on mods?

Not really, Sponge can’t directly influence the tps impact of a mod. There are indirect means, such as entity-activation range and the like. The mods themselves may also have some config options.