Insane Server Tick

So I’ve been working on a SpongeForge server for about a week now, and I can’t seem to reduce the amount of time a server tick takes. I’m completely new to Minecraft servers and mods, so it may very well be something simple, but as I’m looking through this Timings Report, it’s clear I have no idea what the hell to make of any of it. My report is linked below. Would anyone be able to give me an Idea on what’s going on?

Full server tick is 223.54 percent of the tick. EntityTick is 143.97, with entityTick (Self) being 86.60%. The funny thing is, my server typically holds 20TPS, but I know very well that anything over 50MS leads to server lag. I’ve pre-generated a wide section of my server, so I don’t thin kit has to do with WorldGen.

Most of your lag is coming from the mod “Aether II” in the world “dammit” for entity updates.

Perhaps lowering the entity count on that world?

Okay, I’ll try that and report my findings.

In the meantime, can I ask how you interpreted the data? I found a video that released in 2016 that went over the basics, but the interface was vastly different. Even if you can point me to a wiki or FAQ that may help with proper explanations, I’d happily read up on it.


I learnt by reading XD sorry cannot help you there. May help that I know Java so I could understand the issue related to entity update