Installation and plugin management

Since sponge will require forge to be installed, and is also server oriented, there should be a better installation process than there is currently. I’m already working with a team of people on a CLI MC launcher that will have forge installation support and a lot of features that could help sponge. GitHub - HeisenBugDev/Crafter: Crafters gets you from code to craft

We can easily add sponge support when it’s ready. Just wanted to mention this here since I see a lot of people trying to make new projects that are very similar to ones which already exist. When you have details on the sponge installation process, tell me so I can implement it in Crafter.

Let’s not reinvent the wheel :slight_smile:

Seems neat from what I can see quickly ‘scanning’ through it! This is what I love about Sponge project, how everyone is chipping a little bit in and we get an amazing result in the end!


Sounds cool. When you’re done with that could you pm me? I could do a tutorial on it if needed.

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It will be stupidly simple to use. Just do:

$ craft create "My Instance"
==> Client or Server?
    > server
==> Please specify Minecraft version:
    > 1.8.1
==> Sponge, Forge, or Vanilla?
    > Sponge
==> Resolving downloads...
==> Found download
==> Downloading Sponge 1.8.1 server
==> Sponge build 1012 downloaded
==> Downloading Forge 1.8.1 universal
==> Forge build 1234 downloaded
==> Creating instance layout
==> Copying files to instance
==> Instance "My Instance" created

$ craft start "My Instance" # This will run it in the background
==> Starting instance "My Instance"
==> Started

It also uses Gemfile-style modpack definitions. (You’ll be able to install it from that gist once it’s done)

$ craft clone 228510d619b73d7b5d69

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Well that still might be a daunting task for some of the younger players.

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Which is why we’ll have a gui. :slight_smile:

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You win this time… xD

Looks pretty nice, but I think we should wait for Sponge to settle down when we have all our ideas and such solidified. We don’t want to be jumping into it and messing up

This isn’t sponge specific, we’ll just add sponge support when it’s ready.

This seems interesting, although I personally prefer The JVM Way of dependency management (instead of installing them to the directory of your setup, maintain a global cache and dynamically fetch your dependencies by injecting them into the classpath). Also, building it directly upon Gradle might allow you to automatically rebuild certain components from GitHub as needed (mitigating the need to host CI build artifacts).

I never said we weren’t injecting them into the classpath.

I thought the idea behind sponge was for it to be built-in? Why would you need to install it?

To run sponge there will need to be something to install forge on a vanilla MC instance and then sponge. Why make a sponge specific one if you can just use crafter?

I use MultiMC for a client. Handles things like getting Forge and Minecraft deployed.

As far as I understood this project, I thought it would be possible to join a Sponge Server (MinecraftForge-Server in that case) with an unmodded client as long as the server doesn’t have any plugins/mods (either Sponge or Forge) that are client mod dependent. Did I miss out on something here?

No, that’s correct. Crafter can handle server or client, but you still need to install sponge on the server.

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Ah, okay, yeah thats what my thought was :slight_smile:

How I can use Sponge as a server ? I want Sponge for a modded server with plugins, it’s possible to have a .jar file ?

Currently sponge is under heavy development and no downloads are available at this time. Have a look at the FAQ (in the sponge docs) :smile:

Ok thank you so much !