Installing Discourse over OpenShift

Yep, I’m confused. I’ve been at this for hours and the only thing I’m getting is error messages.

I think I am using an outdated guide. If anyone can point me to a docker guide.


then the rest is as on the digital ocean guide found here.


Little problem here. :wink:
I try to run the docker install command and it gives this:

$> wget -qO- | sh
Error: this installer needs the ability to run commands as root.
We are unable to find either "sudo" or "su" available to make this happen.
$> sudo wget -qO- | sh
bash: usr/bin/sudo: permission denied.
$> su wget -qO- | sh
bash: /bin/sudo: permission denied.

Looks like I need root access.
EDIT: And yes I have Googled it :wink:

You do need root access. The installer sets up a docker instance and installs ruby, multiple ruby gems, a nginx server and a database (forgot which one) which it wants root to be able to do. If you install it manually, as long as you have all of the above available, you should be able to do it. I warn you though, manual installation of this is very super-user level, be extremely familiar with ruby gems and nginx before attempting it.

Well, for whatever reason your user doesn’t have permission to execute sudo. This may be intentional depending on who owns the machine this is running on.

He is using openshift, they do not allow root access.

Which installer? Keep in mind I’m just trying to install Docker.

Just in case you are not sure what is going on|+sh

but wget is downloading an installer script to run. That script won’t work for you because you don’t have root in OpenShift.

EDIT: as a recall that script only installs docker, but OpenShift apparently has other mechanisms for running docker containers

My argument still applies. He is trying to install discourse. You can do it without docker (as detailed above). It appears docker requires root to install and Openshift has not quite enabled support for it.

There might be a custom cartridge out there for docker. I have yet to find a good one yet though.

Discourse has quite clearly stated that they only support docker installations…
hour 13, I’m still lost.
Help please?

You can’t install docker on the instance you are using on OpenShift because docker requires root. OpenShift however has other mechanisms for running docker containers. If you can build a docker container by any other means, you should be able to run it in OpenShift, given the nature of what docker is anyways.

In any case these steps are non-trivial. You can either manually install the discourse without docker, or figure out how to build a container another way and just run in on OpenShift.

EDIT: Discourse Docker Container GitHub - discourse/discourse_docker: A Docker image for Discourse

There is a way to get discourse without docker. They don’t officially support it but it does exist. Rather difficult to. Personally, I would just move away from openshift and find something you can run root on.

You’ve been a great help, I’m new to this whole webserver thing.
I’ve been having A LOT of trouble installing manually. Some more help? :wink:

Work your magic.

I don’t personally use OpenShift or run Docker application in general. Best to seek help with the OpenShift community if you want to get Discourse in a Docker container running in OpenShift.

I read in a forum post that openshift doesn’t run discourse very well. I recommend NodeBB