Intellij SpongeForge Server problem

Hello, i have a problem. I followed a tutorial for starting creating plugins in Sponge (this) but when i launch the server from the application Minecraft Server it fails to launch. So i searched it on google and i found that i have to change the classpath of the application to SpongeForge_main. The server starts and i can join, but the server doesn’t have the sponge mod, it’s just an empty forge server. I can’t type /sponge cause it doesn’t rerecognizes the mod. I have to put the latest built of sponge in the mods folder in run/server? It would be pretty weird cause i’m in the sponge source…
I’m pretty noob, and i’m italian so srry for my english. Anyone can helps me?
EDIT/PS: I have the same problem with Minecraft Client directly from Intellij, it’s not just the server

I’m confused as to what you are doing. Are you trying to run the server directly from IntelliJ? If so, consider using the SpongeStart plugin instead, as it makes a fresh install for each project that uses it and allows you to run your plugin without building a jar.

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No, i’m not creating the plugin right now, i’m just setting up the workstation, i don’t need to build my pluign cause i don’t have one lol. I just need to launch sponge server directly from intellij, i can do it but i can’t type /sponge, it’s just a forge server without sponge… :confused:.

Under your run configuration for both the server and client, Under VM Options, do you have

“-Dfml.coreMods.load=org.spongepowered.mod.SpongeCoremod” ?

Also worth checking is that you have picked _java6. I’m not sure if _main works, but _java6 definitely works on my setup

Yes my VM is the same as your, i’m going to try the _java6 version in a minute

Ooookay it works, i had just to change SpongeForge_main to _java6, now i can type /sponge and it works ^^
thanks you sir :smiley:

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