Intense visual disturbances related to anxiety?

So the past 3 and a half months my vision is seeming to play up quite a lot; distorted vision, blurred, more sensitivity to light, tunnel-like vision, and visual snow- these on top of what I believe I have known as scotomas. These visual disturbances first happened during a very stressful period where the family dog almost died from a spinal injury and overdue tasks at work. It has been coming in waves ever since then and seems to get a little worse every now and then.

I’ve seen an optometrist, ophthalmologist, go, and recently a neurologist and all say my eyes are structurally healthy but the neurologist wrote me a referral for an MRI and Optic field test and wrote in his clinical notes that is a chance of scotomas, anterior optic dysfunction, or retrobulbar/chiasmal lesions in the brain. I’ve had the MRI though I assume nothing serious was found as no one has contacted me but I want answers for what seems like my declining vision but I’m getting nothing and it’s making me more anxious because it’s something that can possibly be treated but will possibly become permanent if needed to wait longer.