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There is Gbps speeds where I live but I don’t have it (yet)

Oh than :smiley:. I have 30mpbs and 100gb/month.
To download a game from steam I need to do the following:

  1. Calculate how many internet I have left and what I need for that game.
  2. Make sure I have that left on the end of the month
  3. Download in the night hours (12PM-8AM, 1GB=0.5GB) and make sure I have at least 16 hours time to download.

And Gbps ?? We don’t even have 250mbps here in this shit country.

I know that feeling. When I lived with my ma she had satellite internet and so only got up to 12Mbps down (5 up) and had 5GB per month limit through between 12am and 5am nothing counted (unlimited use that don’t count against your plan)

Now I have 20Mbps and unlimited monthly at all times.

I would give my life for unlimited. But its to expensive :frowning:. For what I have now, I pay like 32$/month. Unlimited would be 120$/month (roughly estimated, to lazy to get an € → $ converter).

Internet should be “free”. (so many meanings in this)
Like we pay for:

  • Ehm internet connection?
  • seeing ads on every page (<3 adblock)
  • getting monitored all the time, for marketing propose (google, yahoo, spotify, LG smart TV, … )

Another time when I realize I have it better than other people (Unlimited bandwidth) Anyhow I have 20Mbps up and 5 down (because Comcast is against even speeds)

My internet seems to go between 60-90 down, and 5-35 up…

Unlimited because 'Murica.


I get a constant 90mb/s, off-peak I top at 120mb/s down and 25mb/s - 50mb/s up respectively. Only down side is I’m in an area that Comcast is testing the ‘Data-usage limit’ and that’s 250gb/month. Sharing that with 6 people (with multiple devices) makes it difficult to manage. Last billing cycle we hit the limit within a week…

I also have comcast, and have a 100x10mbit/s connection(I have the one internet package down from their max speed package for this area.). I think that they do that “Bandwitdh Threshold” (although it’s not a hard limit.) for most of their customers, I’ve gone over that probably 2-3 times over the past year or two, as I did last month at about 300GB used. I have like 3 computers and a couple wireless devices connected to it at any given time.

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I don’t know any internet providers with a bandwidth limit in Germany.

The only exception are wireless LTE connections.

I got a 100mbit/s flatrate…
Depending on my neighbours, I even get higher speed :slight_smile:

Where are you? I suppose you’re in Europe. I thought there weren’t any country with internet limits in Europe…

Here, in the broke country of Portugal (aka the garden planted by the sea), I have the cheapest triple play (TV+Internet+Phone) service for 30€/month. 50mbps down, 5 mbps up.
The top speed here for people (not companies) is 400/40 mbps, for about 80€/month.

@Dannyps: That’s better than comcast is here in the US, the 150x20mbit/s one would cost you ~115 dollars a month here…

Unfortunately, cable internet is the best that I can get were I live, I don’t have Fiber in the area that I live…

@Kodfod: You probably have the 150x20 one then, I have the 105x10 one. I wouldn’t really be able to utilize the full speed of the 150 one as the comp that I’m using as a nat router doesn’t have gigabit nics in them(I have to buy some new cards for it.), still though, I top out at ~90x12mbit/s on it.

Comcast has had that in their ToS for awhile now but is only starting to enforce it loosely in select markets now. I used to hit it nearly every month b/c I did a lot of gaming and ran a 2 24/7 servers! Even though Comcast’s customer service and ethics leaves a lot to be desired, I have had the best experience with them in terms of reliablity! My dream would be Google Fibre however :relaxed:


You guys have insane speeds. Mine is 10mb/s down and 5mb/s up. Oh and its unlimited.


I have the max in my area which is 8MBPS for 50USD(although so it is unlimited). A total junk. And only 512KBPS upload

Internet ain’t cheap here, plus max speed of fibre is 20MBPS which is 70USD

A country next to me have GBPS Internet yet my country as stated above is only 20MBPS max.

My school has fiber for their internet. Usually I get 75-80Mbps down and 60-70Mbps up. It’s slightly slower in the dorms because of the torrenting… :tired_face:

@boformer Germany has no cap on internet? Sounds like I’m moving. It’d even be easy for me to get a drivers license over there too.

Yeah. Simply go to some of the worse parts of Berlin and you’ll be flooded with more or less cheap offers to get you a drivers license *cough*

No, I live in Michigan, and Michigan and Germany have some sort of agreement where if you have a valid Michigan drivers license you can drive in Germany.

Well, good for you. Incase it doesn’t work… *cough*

I am currently on 30/3 (Download/Upload), we want to upgrade to 100/20 because we have a lot of devices and I am home-schooling, but it is little bit too expensive. (Running fibre)

The maximum for home internet speed is 500/50 which costs about 1,400 USD per month.