Introducing NeptunePowered

What is NeptunePowered?

NeptunePowered prides ourselves around providing the best Minecraft can offer.
We accomplish this by taking the best of Minecraft today, and adapting it for tomorrow.
Currently we are working on the Neptune suite of software, described below.

What do we make?

NeptunePowered maintains three pieces of software:

What is NeptuneVanilla?

NeptuneVanilla is an implementation of CanaryLib for ‘vanilla’ Minecraft.
You may think this is exactly the same as CanaryMod, however the two differ in the way they are implemented.

What is NeptuneForge?

NeptuneForge is an implementation of CanaryLib for Minecraft Forge.

What is Jupiter?

Jupiter is an implementation of SpongeAPI for CanaryLib.

What about Arno?

Arno has been used as the basis for NeptuneForge. Lots of code has also been merged into NeptuneCommon.

Contact us

You are able to contact us in our public IRC channels: #neptune and #neptunedev (
You can also contact use through our public email: [email protected]

We are looking for developers interesting in shaping the future of Neptune: sign up


I have seen your project and one thing I suggest you to do is to make the whole player(including equipment and inventory) serializable by string. I know a lot of people would want it and will probably do it but it will be less time consuming if someone else already done it.

This looks pretty cool! I wish you good luck!


This sounds like something for an API such as CanaryLib or SpongeAPI todo?

Thank you, these kind words are what keep me developing :smiley: