Invisibility plugin

I had a look through the released plugins and the WIP plugins but didn’t find a plugin that does what I’m looking for (or maybe I just missed it, which is possible)

I’m looking for a plugin that can make people invisible (Mostly to be used by Admins and Moderators).
I had some ideas for the customization as well.

  1. Choose whether or not to display a “user left/joined the server” message when going invisible/visible
  2. Choose whether or not the invisible person can pick up / break / place blocks and entities.
  3. Choose whether or not the player should be exempt for mob-AI (to prevent creepers exploding and skeletons attacking).

This would make a good tool for Admins and Mods to track players they suspect of hacking/cheating without them knowing.

Howdy @Zorock!

I’m the author of VanishNoPacket from Bukkit, I’ve already begun work on the Vanish plugin for Sponge. Currently I’m waiting on a bit of Sponge API (contextual data) to be ready before I start diving too deep, but expect to see most of those features available soon! :slight_smile:

Awesome :slightly_smiling: I’ve actually used Vanish for Bukkit. Back then it didn’t have the options of the leave/join messages and mobs could still track you. Will you be adding these features to the Sponge plugin?

My Bukkit plugin did allow for hiding join/leave messages, but did lack the AI stuffs. Sponge is adding lots of AI API, which will allow me to control it better. The current Vanish plugin does stop some mob targeting already.

yea, hiding the join/leave was there. But displaying them when going invis/vis was not an option. Which I would personally like.
For example. Admin types /invis and goes invisible. The server then displays the default quit message to all other players and the Admins name is removed from the Tab menu. The Admin then types /vis and becomes visible again, and the default join message is displayed, and the Admins name is showed in the Tab menu again.

I also just thought of another thing that might be nice for users to customize. Whether or not the invisible player’s name is displayed in the Tab menu. That way users can choose to still have their name displayed in the tab menu, which would be nice if they choose not to have the quit/join messages display.

Which mob targeting isn’t working currently?

That was there. I used it all the time.

Should be doable :slightly_smiling:

Well, it would stop most all targeting, however, some mods may bypass some methods entirely that we mix into to avoid targeting. Having that said, toggling all the vanish toggles will render a player almost entirely invisible.