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Don’t really see anywhere to ask this. I registered with Sponge, creating an account, but can’t seem to log in to the IRC Channel. Am I missing something, or just not doing something right?

Directly copied from’s Getting Started Guide

Registering your nickname on EsperNet

To claim ownership of your nickname, you can register it with NickServ.

Registration is simple. You must send a MSG to NickServ consisting of “REGISTER password e-mail”, replacing ‘password’ with your desired password and ‘e-mail’ with your e-mail address:

/MSG NickServ REGISTER mypassword [email protected]

Once you issue the registration command, NickServ will send an email to the address you provided. In the email is a command in the format of “/msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER YourRegisteredNick SomeRandomNumbers”. In order to finish registration, you must issue the command exactly as is in your IRC client. It is recommended you copy paste the command from the email into your client. If you do not complete the verification, your NickServ account will be removed after 24 hours and you must reregister.

If you do not visit EsperNet for 30 days after registration, your registration is removed and you must register again.

To log into an existing NickServ account, use NickServ’s IDENTIFY command:

/MSG NickServ IDENTIFY mypassword


The IRC channel is just a matter of joining in through either a client or the webchat (link is on the website).

The forum account is not in any way affiliated with the espernet IRC network, and you can only register an account for that by messaging nickserv directly.

Thanks. Building servers and dealing with OS’s, I’m ok. Social media, I’m ignorant :smile:

IRC isn’t social media. Social media generally refers to media publication platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Media comes in many forms. However, IRC is internet relay chat. It’s been around almost as long as the internet has been and it’s been used for many things by many people of the years. Too put it the most simply, it’s like a chatroom.

Ha ha :slight_smile: To me, any form of ‘group’ communication is “social media”. Meant no offense :stuck_out_tongue:

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Uh, am I missing something?
I have never used IRC before and I am TOTALLY confused! Can you webchat from an iPad (Because I am not at my computer ATM)
If so how?
What is all this msging and commands? What the heck is going on?
Could someone go really in depth with this, maybe provide some pictues I am completely confused ATM

You really need to learn about Google.

Dude, this is a really old post, and I could not get instructions from google, why are u always on me about google XD

Google can answer so many questions so easily if you know how to use it.

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Because you are asking super duper simple questions that could be answered by a 5 minute search session. Feels lazy to me. And I know it’s an old post, but there are so many hundreds of posts and thousands of comments that it took me a while to get to. I read every single one.

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