IRC seems nerfed through Espernet?

I’ve been trying to join the #spongedev IRC channel for days (at least a week I think) and the Espernet node/server is not responsive.

I assume it’s just me. Is there an alternative method to get to the #spongedev channel ?


discord :stuck_out_tongue:

otherwise figure out why espernet is blocking you

I don’t think they are blocking me inasmuch as my company is blocking traffic to the IRC server(s).


As @phit mentioned there is also a discord (which is actually linked to irc), but if your company is blocking irc they may be blocking discord aswell…

Yea, I know about discord. I choose not to use it. Thanks. I’ll poke around here and see if the network admins are doing crap to the port.

It looks like network admins at work are filtering IRC. I had to connect another way via WeeChat off my rented Linux box.


probably because IRC is used quite often as C&C for malware etc, so it makes sense to block it in organization network

Yea, I agree. Used to not be the case here… Maybe they have been tightening things down recently.

OK, Admins can nuke this thread, I think it’s resolved, etc… thanks!

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