[IRC] Which bouncer?

Hey there!

I was using a free IRC bouncer until now, but as it was free the uptime isn’t quite what i wanted.
Now i want to buy myself a little nice and shiny bouncer… But which should i get?
I’m clueless :stuck_out_tongue:
Any advice?

I DON’T need a complete vserver, a single bouncer is enough :wink:
Ah, almost forgot: the bouncer shouldn’t be banned on EsperNET!

I don’t even know what a bouncer is… :frowning:

Either you can get a small $5 Digital Ocean VPS and install ZNC on it, or you can PM me and I can hook you up with one (A bouncer not a server I’m not rich :stuck_out_tongue: )

@WetSponge basically a Proxy server for IRC that is always connected and can play back the last few said lines before you connected back to the bouncer.

If you are planning on getting a server, I recommend a DigitalOcen Droplet. The cheapest one works perfectly fine for me.

You can also try apps like IRCCloud. It’s a client and a bouncer.

For the moment my free bouncer is back up. If it goes back down i’ll probably contact one of you guys here, as some of you offered to help me out. Thanks for that :smile:

Not a problem I got 1TB of bandwidth that I’ll never use alone.

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