Is any plugin can control high frequency redstone?


I don’t want disable player place redstone_wire or piston, but i am worried about the server performance problem if some one use high frequency redstone. is any plugin, or any code solution?


You can try enabling Panda4494’s redstone optimisation in the Sponge config and see if it helps.


Thank you ,hope it useful


It doesn’t work, when a player use high frequency redstone, the server is very lag, I’m looking for related plugins, or events, but I don’t want to disable redstone completely, as this plugin does:


Three Months Later ?

Have you updated SpongeForge and Forge in that time?
Redstone is something that can easily lag out a vanilla server. If you have too much of it in one place, there is really very little that can be done to prevent it lagging.


Sorry for the late reply, because until recently, a large number of players started to use the survival server, my server version is the latest, I just want to reduce the transmission frequency of redstone signal, I know that there seems to be no similar event in sponge at present, I just want to ask if there is any omission.