Is it possible to change my user name?

A couple of years ago, I thought up the hysterically useless name “meguy26.” Since then, I’ve come up with a much better one, “Socratic_Phoenix.” This new username is based off of an important part of my life, and I certainly won’t be changing it soon. I’ve migrated my github, minecraft, and even email to this new username, and would like to request a name change. If this is not possible id like to delete this account and create a new one.


You sure can. Just go to Preferences and the first option should be your username with a little pencil icon to change it.

I don’t have that option. It must be moderator only.

Yeah… that was what I was afraid of. You’ll have to ask someone higher up

If only it were that simple, but as @flibio said, that option is admin-only.

And thus the reason for this thread…

The deed is done. Bye-bye meguy26, hello @Socratic_Phoenix

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Thank you very much!

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Systems have changed, I can’t do it the same way as above any more. I suspect SpongeAuth needs to be involved … and it’s a bit broken at the moment. What’s the current status, @windy ?

All systems green. Only thing not working right now is synchronization of avatars to the forums.

Seems like someone already changed your username @NoxIceCat just log out and back in to see the effect.

Oh? I tried, but it flat-out refused, twice. I have no idea what was happening.

Changing usernames doesn’t go through Discourse anymore but it is still possible on SpongeAuth which will then overwrite the username on Discourse next time they log in.

Can I get my username changed or am I stuck as I am???

It can be altered by staff intervention using SpongeAuth. If you really need it changed, reply here with your preferred username, or PM a friendly staff member and we’ll do what we can.

My preferred user name is RascallyPanda

Thank you so much :smiley:

Is it possible to have my name changed to “Kepler_”? It’s my Minecraft username, but I wasn’t allowed to end my Sponge username with an underscore.

No. As you’ve just pointed out, a username can’t terminate with an underscore.

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Sorry for necroing this post, but I’d like to request a username change too.
Can I have my name changed to Rarcie please?
I thought commenting here would be better than creating a new post for it. Thanks in advance!

Sorry, we’ve had some problems with renaming users lately, due to issues with SpongeAuth Ore.
@Owen @lukegb @Phase - has there been any progress on that?

[EDITED to point the finger correctly]

As it stands, we’re not processing username changes due to SpongeAuth, as far as I know the situation hasn’t changed.