Is it possible to change the directory where the worlds are stored?

Is there a way in SpongeForge to change the directory where the worlds are stored, instead of the root server directory?

Sponge follows vanilla minecraft for where it stores worlds. You can use the level-name property in the file to change the name of the folder (default is world).
If you would like to store the actual world files somewhere else then you may want to look into using Symbolic Links, refer to guides for your Operating System for how to do that.

Not sure if it works properly with Forge, but the Minecraft server has a --universe <dir> command line option which changes the directory all worlds are stored in.

For example, java -jar minecraft_server.1.10.2.jar --universe worlds should create all worlds in the worlds directory.


Yes that works with Forge! Thanks, I had no idea this feature existed!

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